I’ve been shut down on and off since last Wednesday. It’s an odd feeling, to be deemed non-critical (apparently the term “non-essential” was considered rude). I have tried to approach this time optimistically, trying to accomplish things I was always too tired to do after work- things like getting my bike tuned (check), working on sewing projects (check), cleaning my apartment (check check check check), dropping things at Goodwill (check), updating my resume (check), catching up on TV shows I’ve missed (check and then some), reading a book (check, in less than 24-hours!), getting a replacement gate opener for my parking lot (check, the old one had been broken for months!), buying a new iPhone (check!), playing in the rain in fun wellies (check)…

But it’s now nearly two weeks in, and I’m BORED. I’m the kind of person who lives for work. Because of this, I’ve always known it’s important for me to love the work I do- because I place so high a priority on it for my life. When it’s taken away from me (for such idiotic reasons), it feels like a big piece of me is missing. I just want to go back to work.

Thankfully, because I’m a contractor and not a federal employee, I am allowed to do piecemeal work as it becomes available and is authorized. I’m one of the lucky ones. I have some work to do next week. But I know a lot of very dedicated people who aren’t able to go back at all until this shutdown ends.

Hey Congress- my friends and I need our paycheck. But more importantly, we’re dedicated to our jobs and we just want to get back to them. Can you please do something about that? Thanks.



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